Get another gtx 260 for sli OR new gtx 400 card?

Hello, I currently have 1 gtx 260 in my PC right now on a 780i motherboard. I do not want to upgrade my mobo nor my q9550. Should I get another gtx 260 for sli (or 2 more?) or is a new gtx 400 series card worth it right now? (i.e. is it worth the extra money, power consumption, and heat issues?) Thank you!
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  1. You can only get a fps boost if the game supports sli.....GTX 260 cards are overpriced these days and in fact all Nvidia products.....if you have buggets for a GTX 400 cards you should go for the ati HD 5xxx cards.....they performs better as well as cost lesser than the GTX 400 series....the HD 5850 will be a decent choice (at price of a GTX 460 you'l get the performence of a GTX 470).
  2. and yeah the ati 5xxx card consumes less power and emmits less heat.
  3. Thanks for your response. As far as my budget goes, I don't really want to spend over $350 on any single card (or I would've bought a gtx 280 or higher back in the day). I would consider getting an ATI card, but I do not have a crossfire board. If you know of a good crossfire board that would fit my Q9550, please let me know and I'd get an ATI card. I do not really want to, but do you recommend getting just 1 ati card (like a 5850 and up) and upgrading later? I kind of just wanted to upgrade my card and not much else. I read less than positive things about the gtx 470 and 480, so I was thinking of getting 2 new gtx 460s (or just 1 for now and using my 260 for physx). BTW, i have a Tagan 1100W PSU. Thanks again.
  4. Yeah, you can't do CF on the old SLI boards :D.

    Add another GTX260. It will be a pretty good increase in performance for you and is certainly cheaper than getting a GTX480 or 5870. While Raiyus13 is partially right about SLI, it's more like the drivers need to support the game. By now of course most popular games work with SLI just fine.
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