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Hello All,

i have a computer whose PSU (Power Supply Unit) was broken. I could have easily replaced it by anyother new PSU but the original PSU had a pretty unique 14 pin connector for the Motherboard instead of the usual 20 or 24 pin.

I googled the 14 pin configuration and luckily found the pin config. I had a spare 20 pin PSU, now all i had to do was to rearrange the pins so that each pin gets the correct voltage. i did that and now when i turn the computer on the power LED blinks ON and OFF (twice in like one second), the LED on the motherboard also blink the same way, like its turning everything on and off periodically. nothing comes on the monitor.

Please suggest a solution because otherwise i will have to abandon the whole CPU which will be a waste :(

Other technical information is provided below:

14pin PSU pin config:

20 pin PSU config:

- i had to modify the following things: the pins 3 and 6 (FAN OFF and FAN CMD) of the 14 pin PSU didnt make any sense to me so i gave nothing on them, they are disconnected. what to do with them?

- as only 3V was available in the new PSU so i had to give 3V where 3.3V were required.

- the unused pins of the 20 pin PSU were properly insulated from eachother.

- the power ratings of the new PSU is 152W and the old PSU was 125W. so its well over than what is required, the voltage was equal of both the PSUs but the current of the new PSU was more, so it should suffice. Please help.
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  1. Was that a specific Dell PSU you used?
  2. yes, the 20pin PSU is the DellHP-145SNF. please suggest something.
  3. Dont mod a dell specific PSU to work with an already custom compaq board, thats just too much customizing going on to be good. Also 3V is 10% from the nominal voltage for the 3.3V line so if its running at exactly the right voltage its already outside ATX spec, you cannot expect anything to run right once you start going outside ATX spec, especially by that much, i believe its only a 5% tolerance on the 3.3V rail.
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