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I have an i7 system on an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 MoBo with a WD 1 TB HDD. I was thinking of getting an SSD drive and wanted some opinions on which way I should go. Should I get a 128 GB SSD and allocate 20 GB for cache and the rest for the OS, or should I get a 60 GB SSD and use it as cache only? I am rather confused on all of this. I am assuming that the 128 GB split into a 20 GB partition for cache and 108 GB partition for the OS and using my HDD for storage would make the most out of my system but I am unsure if my MoBo will allow this or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    It makes no sense to use a SSD as a cache for another SSD they operate at the same speed. The best way to go is to get the llargest SSD that you can aford and use it for the OS drive and a regular hard drive for the storage.
    The only time you would use a SSD as a cache is when you have a 64 gb or less SSD and you use it for a cache on a larger conventional hard drive , however that setup will not be as fast as having a SSD as the main OS drive.
  2. No point using an SSD to cache an SSD (especially when the cache is just a partition of the SSD).
    As Inzone pointed out, SSD caching is only useful when caching a Hard Drive.
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