GTX 480 2way sli questions

Hi every body
i just use 480 2way sli now
but i have a question about the "NVIDAI contral panel" settings
==> use which card for Phyx ??
the GPU1 (the card direct to DVI)
or GPU2
or just set as default ? or auto ?? what are these two diffrence ??
if PC auto choose GPU1 as the phyx card
the 3D calculation will mostly depend on GPU2??
or on the 2 GPU at the same time ???

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    i'd just assume auto, as from my understanding, it just shares the physx calculations between the gpu's , if you set it as gpu1 or gpu2 it might un link you cards, or even if it didn't it would it would greatly diminish your fps vs if it was shared between the two
  2. really thx a lot
  3. It only seems to matter on a couple of games, I HAVE mine set to "Auto" because the games seem to override the control panel setting anyway.
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