CD-rom not revving up/reading discs

Hello. A while ago I had a disc shatter in my CD-rom. I took everything apart multiple times and tried to clean out everything. It looks like I have gotten every small piece in all the tiny holes and corners but it still does not read any discs.
It sounds like it tries to rev up for maybe a second and then stops again. It never gets fast and just repeats the cycle over and over, never loading anything. It doesn't give me any errors, just slowly tries to load with no success. After around maybe 3 minutes it comes up with a blank CD, even though there are things burned on the disc (tried with multiple working discs and all give the same result).

The question is, can I somehow salvage it? I'm not quite sure if the CD-rom itself got damaged beyond repair or are there still any pieces clogging it or any other problem i'm not aware of? Is something like compressed air worth trying?
One last thing to note is that it may be scratching discs a bit. (it's hard to tell, there is no clear sign and my eyes may deceive me)
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  1. It probably is time for a new one, but maybe try taking you pc apart and unplugging it and plug. Boot the computer then turn it off and re-install the drive to see if that works? Most likely it's junk. If it's not a blu-ray I would just buy a new one, on newegg there only like 21 bucks.
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