Graphics Card to run Aerofly Professional Flight Simm

Hello,This program calls for an Open GL version 2.0 or later 3D Graphics Card,with 128MB . I want to buy a Gig Radeon HD4650 1GB AGP GV-R465D2-1Gl on an Asus P4 P800 M/Bd and Intel Pent 4 -2.88GHz CPU .I have been told that I could have trouble with the M/B supporting this AGP 8x card.Can anyone help,as there are not many AGP cards to choose from with these specs.It requires Direct X 9 or higher,and wont run on any program later than Windows XP ,which I have installed.
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    Could you consider buying a new PC? Even a cheap one would surpass yours. As an option i mean.
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    Well you are right on the money, the 4650 and 4670 are the best (and probably last) AGP card to me made. I don't see how you will have a problem running them with that board, that board supports those cards. If you have a problem it would come from your PSU.
  3. Save your money and get a new gaming system. It's not worth anymore to upgrade your PC, it's too old...
    For temporary, i think HD3650 128 bit is more than enough, like this one:

    Any higher card will be bottlenecked with your pent.4.
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