SSD with main HDD at 3gb


so i have a simple question. I am building a new computer on a budget and I want it to have an SSD but the problem is if i do that the only HDD i can get is a sata2/3gb one. How much of a bottleneck will the 3gb hdd cause?

thanks again.

p.s. this computer is for photos and bf3, not a whole lot more than that.
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  1. To be clear , are you getting a SSD and using it for the OS drive ? What SSD are you looking at getting ? What is the hard drive that you are looking at getting ? If your puttng the SSD as the OS drive then you will not have a bottleneck with the regular hard drive as a storage drive. There are a lot of sata3 hard drives for sale , what size are you looking at ?
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