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one day a week or so ago my girlfriend was using my desktop and all of a sudden it started restarted itself randomly in the middle of browsing the internet and ever since i can't keep it on without it restarting for maybe ten minutes. then i saw a BSOD one day and can't figure out for the life of me how to keep the stop screen on so i can write down the error messages.

i've turned off the auto restart and still it restarts anyways. even weirder is i have it in safe mode and it won't give me the BSOD!!!. i also am getting cpu over voltage error on startup sometimes. also if i turn it off completely for a few minutes and turn it on. i can't get it to post. just blank. if it's on for a few minutes and i hit the hard reset it will post. that is when i get the cpu over voltage error.

i want to say a bad psu but i replaced it with an older spare psu that has enough juice i know to run my rig. i am not running anything hardcore. could it be i have two bad power supplies?

anything would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

pentium d 2.8 ghz
2 gb ram
120 gb hard drive
3 fans
1 dvd burner
asus mb
onboard graphics
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  1. Start by resetting BIOS to defaults. (pull out the mobo battery for a minute or two)
  2. i did that and now it's worse. just keeps restarting before windows load screen.
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