Which of these 3 SSD's should I get?

I currently have a 128GB Samsung 830 series SSD. Had for about 3 months now, been working good. I only have 6GB of space left, and it seems to have slowed down the SSD considerably. I read that SSD's get slow when almost at full capacity, is this true? I would like to get another Samsung 830 Series, but they are too expensive, and not on sale atm.

Anyways the three that I'm looking at are:

Intel 330 240GB @ $139.99

Intel 330 180GB @ 89.99 (after $30 rebate)

Samsung 840 250GB @ 158.39 (after instant 12% off)

Only reason I am considering Intel (not that there is anything wrong with Intel, just never had their SSD), is because the new Samsung 840 series uses TLC compared to MLC.

I plan on selling my Samsung 830 after getting a new SSD. Is it safe/wise to sell a used SSD after doing a secure erase?

Thank You.
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  1. i could be wrong but i thought the pro only used tlc
  2. I am tempted by the 240 Intel drive, it is not the fastest but it does have Intel's toolkit that you can use to correctly image the drive and some other useful tools.

    also, Intel has very good tests tools so a lot of the functions like TRIM and LPM actually work correctly and don't end up causing your windows 8 OS to stall for 60 seconds at a time.

    Samsung, also has the resources to correctly test their hardware but I don't think they really share the tools like Intel does. (at least 7 months ago when I last looked)

    both Microsoft and Intel have changed their SATA drivers to use LPM Link power management. So if your drive does not support this or does it incorrectly you will get strange "Stalls" of your operating system. (over 30 seconds, even over 60 seconds) Many of the SSD drives have made fixes to their firmware but some have pulled the fixes because they have created other problems or the fix only delayed the problems.

    for now windows 7 Drivers had Link power management turned off by default
    windows 8 has link Power management turned on by default.

    also, if you install the current chipset drivers from intel on window 7 the link power management will be turned on. Lots of people blame the OS or the driver but it is really caused by the firmware in the device not correctly doing LPM.

    Note: you can turn off the support for in the registry by port for your controller to work around this problem.
  3. If you have the Samsung 830 then I would keep it and get a 1 TB hard drive and off load a lot of things from the Samsung to free up space. The 830 is a good drive and if you got a drive like the WD black ($109) that is sata3 and 64 mb cache you would have a very good setup and would be able to keep the 830 at 50% capacity and not experience any slowdowns.
    Any SSD that is filled to more then 80% capacity will experence a slowdown of performance.
  4. The decision to go to a higher capacity SSD depends on your usage. If you use the SSD for programs then the 128gb should be enough. I have a 120gb Intel that is at 80%full. It could be less if I removed one game (20gb+) and moved that game to my HDD. And the performance is great for $100.

    Migrating the OS and programs to a new SSD would be a headache. A better solution is like what INZONE said, get a 1TB drive for $109. It's fast and huge, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

    With that said, if you're dead-set on a new ssd then I'd buy the 240gb Intel 330.
  5. Yeah I'm set on a new SSD, Overall I don't need anywhere near 1TB. On my old computer I had a 300GB hard drive, and it was always more than enough. I feel I can get away with 180GB, but will probably fill up in the near future, or atleast become slow because it would nearly be full like my Samsung. The Intel 180GB is such a good deal though! But then 240GB-250GB would be more ideal for me I guess. Is there a big difference between TLC and MLC SSD's? Lifesan, reliability, speed issues with TLC? I read a lot of people bashing the 840 series for using TLC...

    I can get the Intel 240GB for $152 after tax from Newegg


    Samsung 840 250GB for $159.99 no tax from TigerDirect.
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    TLC is brand new and onl;y with the new Samsung SSDs. MLC is two bits per cell and TLC is three biys per cell. That's the reason for the slow write speeds on the TLC drives from Samsung. The new 840 Pro SSDs do not have the TLC but rather the MLC and it shows with the write speeds bing much faster.
  7. the program erase cycles for TLC is 1000 cycles before the cell can not be written to.
    MLC has 3000 cycles before it has to be retired.
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