EHD Running in 3.0 but not in 2.0 plain/combo ports

As mentioned on the name
i have a hard disk wd 1tb that is running smothly with all usb 3.0 ports
whereas its not working in any of usb 2.0 ports already checked in more than 15 systems.....

I guess power issues? Probably

What possibly could have happened????

How can this be fixed???
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  1. Could be a controller issue. What is the model # of your motherboard
  2. I have a dell XPSL502x

    Motherboard ==> Dell Inc.
    Model ==> 0MY6GN A00
  3. Can this problem Be fixed??????
  4. RMA but honestly if USB3 is operational over USB2, whats the concern?
  5. old systems dont have usb 3.0 thats the concern...

    So data transfer problems occur....
  6. Buddy Previously for almost for last 2 months it was working fine ......

    But all of a sudden it screwed.....

    I just want to know what problem it might have had....

    i reported wd support they said its a new case for them & will Try to solve the problem or replace mine with a new one....
  7. Could be a faulty case or connector that is internal to the unit or some other faulty component.
  8. ELMO_2006 said:
    Could be a faulty case or connector that is internal to the unit or some other faulty component.

    First of all Thankssss to Everybody For helping me

    @ELMO_2006 ==> Brother plz explain how can a working unit can become a "faulty case or connector" without any external damage or jerks.....

    Anyways thanksss
  9. Happens more often than not, its the luck of the draw! Sometimes you end up with a lemon.

    As long as WD is replacing the unit, kudos!
  10. They Are Doing But Will Take More Than A Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    WD's forums are full of people reporting physical connection issues with the USB connector.

    Could it be that there is a break at one or both of the USB 2.0 Data+ or Data- pins?
  12. From what I read and heard WD has used plastic connectors that tend to loosen or break if disconnected/connected from the housing. Who knows really what happened unless someone cracks open the case which in turns voids the warranty and you are SOL!
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