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I got myself Samsung P2770HD LCD HDTV monitor and a Radeon Saphire HD 5850 2Gb card.

The graphic card has HDMI, DVI and DP (display port).
My HDTV monitor

I tried connecting my HDTV monitor with a HDMI cable. When it comes to playing movies the result is great but when I look at my desktop its kind of blurry and Im thinking that HDMI isnt the optimal choice when Im using my computer as a computer.

The question is do I purchase a DVI cable and connect to my HDTV monitor and what about the display port (DP)? Can anyone explain what it is?
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  1. check the resolution for the HDMI connection. if its like 720 X 480 or something low, even 1280 x 720, it will show text / desktop blurry. try changing to full 1080p in the control centre.

    sometimes it will default to the "tv" setting of 480p or 720p and not a "pc" setting
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