Is this a good ssd for the price?

Is that a good ssd for the price? I have seen many others but don't know how to compare them.
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  1. Not really , the new Intel 330 180 GB is $89 after $30 rebate at Newegg and other places. Currently sold out at Newegg.
    There is also this Sandisk Extreme.
  2. Will the 2nd link " [...] 6820226236 " perform faster?
  3. And same with the intel one, will it perform faster?
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    Either of the Samsungs or the Mushkin are better then the OCZ Vertex 4.
  5. Ok thank you
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  7. Sometimes it's not all about speed , it's also reliability and overall performance. I have had a lot of different SSDs and the Samsung and Intel have been the better of the lot.

    Corsair , Intel , Samsung and OCZ.
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