Graphic card upgrade help

hi, all here first of all here r my system specs

mthrbrd intel dg31pr
2gb ram
2.2ghz c2d
syncmaster samsung 19" monitor
8600 gt 512mb ddr2 gpu
450w psu standard 12v+ 19amp

my gpu has been giving me problems since i bought it had it replaced 2 times in 2 years coz of heat issues and now it will be the third time so i thought it would be a good time to upgrade m gpu
i am looking forward to buying one of these gts250,gtx260/216cores or the gtx460 also a psu 550 w coolermaster or corsair 550w .
so i wanted to ask that first my ram ad processor be good or should i upgrade that too?
and also will my motherboard give any problems with any of the gpu that i am going for?
and althought i am not thinking of upgrading my ram and processor or the motherboard and keeping ita low budget upgrade
how much of of a difference would i b seeing btw these cards as the gts250 is low cost and along with the new psu it will be nice inbudget upgrade but would i be sacrificing too much of the graphics if i skip the better gtsx260 and gtx 460 coz that will be a bit costly upgrade and if combined with ram's and cpu etc it will go up not looking forward to upgrading any of that if they r good but if too uch of a issue is ther or bottlenecking etc then may b . and wont b upgrading anytime soon after this .and also later would b going in for a workstation for my desigining work at the moment still finally would i misss a lot if i dont get gtx260 or gtx460 where the gtx460 is only may b few dollars more than a 260 thats why i am really confused .
looking in for replays from experienced person.
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  1. Hi...

    1. For PSU, get that Corsair 550W, it's a great psu.. :)
    2. Get another 2GB of RAM. So the setup would be 2+2 GB running on dual channel mode.
    3. As long as your motherboard has pcie slot, then you can use any(mostly) pcie cards.
    4. What kind of C2D? If you can OC it to 3.0GHz, it would be great.
    5. For 19" monitor, GTS250(cheap) is enough.

  2. thankx for ur reply man
    and as for my processor is intel core2duo 2.2ghz e4500
    and i am not sure how overclocking works and does the overclocking void the warranty etc and would it cause any heating issues requiring an extra fan for the processor. and how to overclock it from a techy eng or self helf or by some software?

    and with the 250 would all games run on max res or some lagg would be their in some of em coz i aint wanna compro with the res this time after buying a new card.
  3. You can OC your CPU from BIOS, it's very simple.
    I think 3.0Ghz it's too high if you only use stock cooler on cpu. If you can get it to 2.5GHz then it would be great.

    For overclocking, you can read on this forum, overclocking section, you will find useful information if you want to OC.

    With GTS250 you can maxed out almost every games, at least with high quality so the picture would looks good (smooth). But remember you must get a new PSU first.

    HD5770 is much better and support dx.11 also run cooler.
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