Issue with GeForce Nvidia 7900 GS

System Spec:

Windows Vista SP 2
Nvidia geforce 7900 GS 256 MB
2.4 GHZ
Motherboard: Unsure.

Problem: This has been a gradual issue regarding the graphics card. the furthest update driver i could get with this was bloody 170.9, and if i got any further the screen would scramble with lines horizontally displayed, no black screen but using the display i always do, but scrambled. Hence rebooting would only fix it.

If i play new games, it does not get used to the configuration, so i would have to put it as windowed mode. But then i get a driver error everytime i try playing on windowed, which is also rather annoying.

Yesterday it crashed, and when i rebooted it, it won't start normally, as after the loading screen finishes, i get a blank screen. I am sure this is the graphics card, what the heck is wrong with it?! I'm using a fan of 750psu. I never overclocked it. and i can't see any further system spec as im on safe mode at the moment. Your help would be much appreciated! Thank you.

P.S: If I have not overly specified enough detail, I do apologise as I am relatively new when it comes to overclocking or anything relevant to that matter.
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  1. Try your card in different PC?
  2. Well I tried on a Quad Core intel CPU processor, and still it didn't show any difference from my Intel Core Dual CPU. So I don't think it is a processor conflict. it's absolutely frustrating this.
  3. I hate to break it to you, more than likely your system is over heating. Make sure you have enough cooling.
    I've had similar issues with my old System, went out and bought a i7 930 system.
    The whole nine yard, still ran into same issues until I went over kill the system cooling. I'm running two video cards so they create so much heat its
  4. Thank you so much for a good answer. I do understand that I require more cooling systems, however I do need advice on this as I do believe I need to buy another graphics card better than the current "fried" one. What in particular should I look for in cooling systems, and how should I go about it? I am an absolute novice on this so I do mean it when I am stuck for help. Thanks a bunch.
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