Help with my first build ever

Hey all, I'm going to be building my first PC and I have picked out the parts. I just want to make sure everything is compatible with each other, and I have chosen the best parts for the price. Keep in mind I live in Canada and will purchase parts mostly from Canada Computers









network card (because i have to use wireless):


It totals at around 940$ Canadian before taxes.

EDIT: This computer will be used mainly for work, cs source, and occasionally a newer game. I dont really want to go too much over the $940 it costs as of now, so keep that in mind if you are suggesting other parts.
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  1. I'd get a better PSU - something from Corsair or Antec, for example.
  2. The PSU is a bad brand, or not enough wattage (or both)? How does this one look?
  3. Thats pretty good iv used Corsair ALOT and in my experience iv never had a single problem. to be honest i find them to be a good brand in general.
  4. bump, more feedback please :D

    any comments about the rest of the build?
  5. Your system looks good except :
    1. WLAN card :get Lynksis WMP600N, specially if you are using Win7 x64.
    2. PSU : just like the other has told you.
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