Large RAM not being utilized.

hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could clarify this... I have 16gb of ripjaw pc3-12800 DDR3 1600mhz installed in the Crosshair iv Formula Motherboard. Looking at the performance in the task manager my computer doesnt use any more then 3/3.23gb??? Is there anything i have to do to make my computer utililize more of the Ram?? I am using windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and according to the windows Ram limitations it is the maximum that my windows can utilize..... Any Suggestions??
Many Thanks!!!!! :)

System Specs:
AMD Phenom II x6 1090t
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard
16GB DDR3 1600mhz GSKILL Ripjaws Memory
XFX ATI Radeon 5870
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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  1. You could reduce the size of your page file. I have my page file set at 1000 from over 6000. But do not disable the page file. This will make your ram memory be used more.
  2. Does "Start - Control panel - System" display the full amount of ram?

    If not the try reseating the modules.

    If so, then you are not running a memory intensive application at the time you checked. Photoshop or video editing or many programs open at once all running inthe background would be examples
  3. try Access MSconfig > go to boot settings > go to advance settings > set your max memory
  4. @almartin How do i get to reduce the the size of the page file?
    @Traildriver Yes my system identifies the full 16.382GB in my computer/ CPUID
  5. @henydiah I have done so as you told me and after the changes took place (after restart) now the task manager> performance shows 15614mb of RAM. Before it was showing the full amount of the physical memory.... ?
  6. BTW i am using the ASUS PC diagnostic tool to stress test the ram in which still it doesnt exceed the usage above 3.25gb...
  7. Uncheck that setting for max memory -- that doesn't do what you want. Make sure you reboot.

    A RAM stress tester may not show that it's actually using memory. That's normal.

    As you are finding out, it's difficult to get a system to use a large amount of RAM. Most programs just don't use that much memory. Even having 40 tabs open in a browser only uses something like 950MB. Unless you are using certain professional-level programs, 16GB is overkill.

    But hey ... at least you can be sure you won't run out of memory. And you're set for the future when more programs and games become memory hogs.
  8. what happen if you try use 2 Stick ? i saw the mobo maximum support 4 x 4GB. it's means per stick @4GB.
  9. The mainboard and Windows are detecting the memory just fine. zulk is just finding out that most programs don't need that much memory, so the memory usage is only about 3.5GB of the 16GB Windows detects.
  10. Thanks buddy I know it's an overkill but I wanted to spend once on my system n never touch it again till it's outdated so I filled every slot I could possibly find on the mobo lol.
    Hopefully in the future I would be able to see the full potential of my ram being utilised by heavy programs :)
    I have 4 sticks of 4GB running at 1600mhz stable.
    Anyways thanks guys you put the pieces together of my puzzled mind.
    Getting another 5870 n making a crossfire x2 tomorrow along with a corsair h50 xD Happy Gaming Guys! :D
  11. Yeah, I bought 12GB (one 2x4GB kit and one 2x2GB kit) for my Sandy Bridge system for the same reason. I'll be taking some graphic design courses in college, so the extra RAM will help eventually.
  12. Hey guys ive ran into another problem now....
    My system keeps giving me bluescreen, sudden drops in fps and 3d applications freezing the screen... :(
    It all started happening after installing corsair H50 and another 5870... :/
    Would really appreciate your help
    System Specs:
    AMD Phenom II x6 1090t with corsair H50 running at stock 3.2ghz
    ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard
    16GB DDR3 1600mhz GSKILL Ripjaws Memory running at 1600mhz @ 1.5v
    XFX ATI Radeon 5870 in Crossfire X2
    Coolermaster 850w Silent Pro Modular PSU
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Please tell me what could be the problem here???
    I only touched the cpu bus frequency when i installled the H50 just to determine the overclocking potential but now ive set everything to default again after having these issues but still it keeps happening :(
    What could be the problem here??? Help is much much appreciiated Thank you
  13. If you haven't already, I suggest posting the new problem in its own thread. You'll get more responses by doing that.
  14. Alright thanks man
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