Graphic card problem in XFX 630i motherbroad

Hello Friends,
i Need Little Help
i have XFX 630i motherboard and i have XFX GT 7300GT graphic card....
One Day it Stoped Working on my Motherboard...
I Gave My MotherBoard To Warrenty Also..
When it came back i still chked it But the same problem..
I Checked my Card on Friend's System Its working fine but i dont knw why it is not working on my Motherboard Can anyone Help me out please..
That Will be Great Fulll...
Thank You
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  1. Maybe try your friend's card in your PC?
    If it fails then your board is going bad, maybe the pcie slot is bad...
  2. i tried my friend's card it work perfectly...
  3. What did you do with your motherboard when you said "gave my motherboard to warrenty also".

    Are you saying you sent it in and they looked at it?
  4. well my english is little bit bad sorry about that..
    i was saying that i gave my motherboard for warrenty and when i receive it back still the same problem only 7300GT graphic card was not working i tried 9600GT i was working fine.. but only my card was not working.. i chked it on my friends pc it was running fine
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