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I have home build mid tower with 5 120mm fans running plus the CPU 120mm fan with a 500ws ATX power supply.
I have been looking to get a better power supply since I feel this power supply is not enough.

I'm getting a 750ws. Would this affect my performance in a good way or bad? Any recommendations?
here is the link:



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  1. The PSU you linked looks fine, but if you are running your system with a 500W PSU, it is probably overkill. If you plan to crossfire or sli, it may be a good upgrade.
  2. If you are spending $100 on a PSU, I would go for a more quality brand: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371025
    $80 with the 10% off promo code Apsu10 and the $25 Mail in rebate.
  3. How about listing your computer spec and PSU brand and model? My feeling is that if your 500watt is a quality unit it would be plenty for the system.
  4. Please provide specs of your current PC.
  5. First, if you are running one graphics card, and your 500W power supply is really a 500W power supply, you have PLENTY of power.

    Please tell us the name/model of your 500W psu.

    The new power supply you have chosen is really NOT acceptable:


    Finally, there's no need to buy a 750W psu that isn't a 750W psu to replace a 500W psu that most likely doesn't need to be replaced :)
  6. OK, the motherboard is a ASUS p5k3 deluxe

    Power supply I'm running:

    this is a new graphic card Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133304

    Previous graphic card was the headache HIS Radeon

    with the new CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler


  7. You got the wrong link for the PSU. Based on the rest of the information 500watts is plenty, will hardly brake the 300watt barrier.
  8. rolli59 said:
    You got the wrong link for the PSU. Based on the rest of the information 500watts is plenty, will hardly brake the 300watt barrier.

  9. coolermaster is a crap brand with mostly average or worse products..

    buy a 400-500watt psu from a good brand such as seasonic, enermax, pc power and cooling, corsair.

    something like

    would be perfect.

    note a 500watt good brand psu will have more weight due to quality components than a 1000watt generic psu, also will have better parts, less noise.. better efficiency etc
  10. 1) A real 500W psu is more than enough to power your system.

    2) The Apevia 500W, currently selling for $20 after MIR, does not make the list of recommended PSUs. At those prices, PSUs normally can't deliver rated wattage continuously, &/or don't have necessary protection features, &/or do not produce clean power forcing your other parts to work harder and wear out faster.

    3) The psu you planned on buying is likely better, but once again is not recommended for reasoons shown in the review linked earlier.

    4) Replacing your Apevia psu is not necessarily a bad idea. If you want to do that, this Seasonic 520W is high quality, plenty for your rig:


    5) If you do replace your psu, and if you plan to upgrade your system to 2xvideo cards in the future, you may want to buy a 650W or 750W unit instead of the 520W. But you do not need to do so because you have fans.
  11. pitroadrush said:

    I would replace it just because it is Apevia. This 520watt Seasonic would even run your system with 2 x 9800GT in SLI http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151094
    But if you are thinking for further upgrades then a 600-750watt, Corsair, Seasonic or Antec would be my recommendation.
  12. I'm planning to add more HD besides the 2 I have right now, so thats a plus Im looking a near future.



  13. Just the Hard drives you'll be fine with the Seasonic or similar, when I say further upgrades I am meaning power hungry GPU´s
  14. Quote:
    This one will blow away corsair,seasonic psus out of the window.Gold certified,90 plus efficiency.Enough for 2 460



    But it does not better this enermax which guru3d mention in their article http://www.guru3d.com/article/enermax-modu87-plus-600-review/9
    Here we are talking a total different price bracket as well!
  15. ^ Please post a purchase site link for the CM SP Gold 600W. The recommendation is irrelevant without a price.

    The 800W version is $100 more expensive at Newegg than the Seasonic.

    The Seasonic will do all he needs done for $60. There is no payback spending more than a few $ more for Gold rating.
  16. Quote:
    He can buy it from here.
    For how much?
  17. ROFL. No store has one in stock with a published price. Which was, after all, my point.
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