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Hello, I'm about to buy a new PC and would like a decent processor, around 3 - 4 g of ram and a good graphics card - pref not integrated. My budget is under £450. I've seen good deals on The above Compaq CQ530 (Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 HD) and a Medion Akoya p6110D (Ati Radeon HD 4200)but not too pleased with the graphics option on either. I run animation software which reccomends a medium to high end graphics card. So A) do I/can I - buy one of these deals and upgrade the graphics myself - if so which card?

Or B) is there a better option? Both of these deals offer quad core processors, DDR3 ram etc.
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  1. Could you show us the links for your options (PCs) above?
    So we can make suggestions for you... ;)
  2. sure sorry... considering Hp Compaq CQ5306



    Medion Akoya www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/offers/special_buys3_14867.htm

    Graphics options not great on either, I would prefer dedicated graphics with decent graphic memory, doesn't have to be top of the range.

    I was thinking of buying one and upgrading it myself.

    Alternative package suggestions/ideas welcome

    Hope the links work :whistle:

  3. wow, aldi sells computers these days? thats worrying...

    have you thought about a self build? much cheaper, and you can get exactly what you need. its not too difficult either.
  4. ^+1

    Build your own machine, it's cheap and fun, also you can get exactly what you want... :)
  5. Thanks for the replies honestly, now I have to confess what I'm thinking :o

    you mean like buy
    -the case
    -the motherboard
    - a CPU (if that's not already on the board?)
    - the memory,
    - the graphics card, -
    - the sound card

    Erm...anything else... put in my own dvd writer and hard drive - or whatever...hmmm - not sure I am up to all that guys :ouch: .

    I have a vague clue about architechture and that's it. When I said 'upgrade' in my post I meant put a graphics card in - I thought "yeah I can do that", but I wasn't sure about compatibility and I haven't done it before, hence my post.

    The most I ever did before was stick some new memory in.
    ...its a leap for me

    Also are you sure its still cheap enough to be worth it to someone like me?

    There's time and effort, postage and components can be pricey can't they? Then you have to get all the sofware OS etc. No I do not have install disks :(
    I haven't even tried running LINUX - I was thinking windows 7 -

    I can see potential for fun - If I was just a little bit geekier with a wee bit more experience and time on my hands - you could probably talk me round .

    Must be great to have the ability and confidence, but these days I'm swimming to keep up with all the rapid changes. Half the terminology gives me a headache.

    As for ALDI I wasn't too sure either - but MEDION actualy seems to be OK, ALDI are not the only ones to retail them.

    I looked at buying a custom build too but it was way pricier.

    Thanks again.
  6. if you are unsure, then a pre-built system can still be fine. and its the lower end where you don't stand to lose too much money with them.

    the big problem is that they generally only have a PSU barely able to power the system, so simply adding in a new GPU is out of the question. and by the time you have replaced the PSU as well you have spent a similar amount of time and effort to a custom build.

    the best thing to do would be to look for a decent enough system that requires no upgrades. i'd suggest ebay, so long as you are comfortable using it. you can always check technical specifications with us. im nto sure what UK pricing is like atm, but im sure you can get a fairly capable PC within your budget.
  7. HI thanks again :) . I'm glad for the cautionary word about adding a GPU thats the sort of advice I need.

    One of the links above (my 2nd post) is for a pc on ebay,

    I can seem to find OK deals - just not with the good graphics capability which I need. The Aldi Medion offer looks a little better? (tell me if I'm wrong - not much in it - I think. Theres a further link on the page where you can read a bit more about the components) I have a store across the road - no delivery and if it blows up they will refund me no probs - so thats one plus, but I'm not sure if the ATI raedon HD4200 will cut the mustard.

    The software I use suggests Nvidia Ge force medium range at least - whatever they mean by that I was thinking dedicated card with 1g of memory? (You sense my limited grasp - I've looked at the Nvidia site thats about it!)

    I don't play games, but I would like to sort myself out the best system I can afford so I'm not in the same position again in 3years.

    Have to admit about fifteen mins after reading the posts I was thinking - sod it why not build one!
    It is something I'd love to do, sense of satisfaction must be great, plus tinkering would be fun. I want to hang on to my old PC so I really would have to start from scratch case and all
    ...and I am a complete novice.
  8. ^ thats not too bad.

    ideally you would want a gt230 or higher. which animation software do you use?

    i GT210 may well do the job, but its a low end card mostly meant for video playback and the like.

    sepcs wise, something like this would be better: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AMD-PHENOM-945-AM3-GAMING-PC-1TB-4GB-9800GT-1GB-GAL-/200396580138?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item2ea891252a

    its a little garish, but at least the lights can be turned off.
  9. Great thats just the sort of thing I was looking for...minus the case! :na:

    Pitty Windows 7 isn't included, but I can see what ever way I do this I might end up spending about £500.

    I run Toon Boom Studio 5 which alleges it works ok with 1G of RAM and a videocard supporting Direct3D or OpenGL with 128MB of RAM, but erm it don't really - I can tell you it is BIG SLOW and it crashes. Their support suggested Nvidia mid to high and thats about it.

    I think I actually meant to provide the link for this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200469413804&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX - its ATI raedon instead - what do you reckon?
    I'm not sure about the comparissons. My PC now has a crap ATI card, but its old.

    There's also a 2G version of that deal with a 500MB hard drive and the same graphics card for £394.

    I've looked at so many I'm starting to cross eyed. Still a bit tempted to build one too, maybe the spec on these would give me some clues.
  10. thats not too bad. but the system i linked would certainly be a better option ( a 9800 is a very capable GPU, and until recently was considered a high end gaming GPU).

    its just about what you want to spend though. the one with the 4350 may do okay, but that GPU is very low end also, so if the program relies on GPU acceleration it may be very slow.

    a self build is the best way though, so long as you have the patience and confidence to give it a go.

    a system built around a Athlon II 620, HD 5670/GTS240, cheap 2gb RAM, corsair VX450 PSU, and then a cheap case and mobo... should be able to get it for a decent price. but UK prices are pretty bad atm from what i can gather. you'd have to shop around online.
  11. Thanks so much for all your advice you've been really helpful.

    I may go for your ebay suggestion and just buy the OS, but if I'm brave enough to self build then erm...I have a sneeky suspicion you'll end up hearing from me again soon when the motherboard is bleeping for no reason and there's strange smelling smoke escaping from the back of the case.

  12. lol, no worries. good luck. feel free to PM me if you run into any issues.
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