Perplexing Drive Letter Crisis

First, some background on my specific situation.
I've had Windows 7 on my Hard Drive for a while but I recently upgraded to Windows 8 and at the same time, clean installed on a new solid state drive. My intent was to keep everything on my hard drive intact so that when I get Windows 8 running on the SSD, I'd just relink the proper User folders.
So I have Windows 8 up and running on the SSD, but when I go back to check on my Windows 7, I see drive letters have been switched around. The SSD is on the E: drive and the CD drive is on the D: drive. Back in Windows 8, the SSD is the C: drive and the hard drive is the D: drive. Of course, when I linked my user folders back, which actually worked, I noticed the desktop had some missing shortcuts because they technically never existed, or something? On Windows 7, the shortcuts actually updated to the D: drive link shortcut except a few and it's just a mess.
This breaking of shortcuts sounds like a problem that could get much worse later on. What did I do wrong and how could I correct this for both OSes?
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  1. Whatever drive your using with the OS on it will be the C drive. and the shorcuts are messed up because your using two OSs and when you finaly get to using one you won't have that problem.
  2. Hmm, then according to that, everything should be fine as long as I stick to one OS. This is a problem almost exclusively for the desktop though and perhaps there is still a better solution? Sharing the desktop has also left a few files in my Dropbox as locked with no way to unlock them. If more permission errors happen by this, how do I fix the permission settings?
  3. If your not signed in as Administrator the you can do that and on top of that you can change the permissions of those that can access files and folders.
  4. Yeah, I have admin privileges and found the Share With option. Hopefully that does the trick.
    Also, perhaps I set something up wrong in the bios? Is it normal for the SSD to not show up in the boot order?
  5. accidental double post
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