Acer 5738pg overheating

hey i bought an acer aspire 5738pg about a month and a bit ago and its seem to be overheating already.
Intel core 2 duo t6600
ati radeon 4570
15.6" screen
6cell battery
(just in case it helps)
i have coretemp installed and it shows an idle temp of 40 to 45 and 55 to 65 under moderate load (music, mcaffee scan) and high 60s when playing heroes in the sky
it has a vent at the back for exhaust and 1 at the front for intake(i think)(apparently the 1 at front is blocked off according to some forums) it also has vents at the bottom which look like they havent been cut out yet.
the user guide tells me to keep the bottom vent clear but it seems to blocked anyway.
it seems to run cooler when just on battery, about 5-10 degrees hotter when just on ac power.
right now its on battery and it shows 45 on both cores with around 20-25% cpu usage (core temp,stickynotes,skype(not chatting just on),music,chrome and live mail running)
very reluctant to open up the case up yet since its still under warranty and dont want to risk voiding the warranty
any ideas
please ask if you need more details.
sorry if i done anythin wrong , tis my first time on here

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  1. Sounds like a classic case of poor ventilation.
    I have not seen a laptop without the vent openings cut out, but it's not impossible. If you have it still in warranty, best thing would be to return it and get one that has all the
    If you don't care about warranty that much, could try to do it yourself with proper tools and a lot of patience.
    It runs cooler on battery because a different power profile kicks in, which lowers power consumption and even throttles the CPU / GPU down. That can be found under Control panel> Power Management.
    Those temps, however, don't seem that high to me to begin with. Check with their technical support and see if you can confirm the proper operating temps for that model. You might be surprised to find that they might be normal. Tech support should be available, it's in warranty.
  2. they all seem to be shipped with the vents closed as far i know(from reading diffrent forums)
    i have it on max perfomance profile even on the battery since i mainly use the laptop at home.
    id really rather not open it up , mainly since i dont have all that much experience in computers and i dont want to void the warranty.

    i emailed acer last week but havent got anything back yet
  3. I did buy an hp two years ago..the ventilation system was downright absurd..i will never buy brands again..however mine had a core 2 duo with the speed of cooling wouldnt be much of a problem even the little air that enter the vents of the pc was enough..computers nowadays use soo much power that i dont feel comfortable to even purchase a brand even if they gave me a 5 year warranty!!!!
  4. i think mines 2.2 1 of the main reasons i bought since it is one the the most powerfull i could get in that range which met my requirements
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