Help on building my own pc

i have decided to build my own PC and i am going to ask you guys for a check to know if the parts are compatible.

my budget is a max of 200$ for these parts

Mobo :

Asus M2N68-AM Plus DDR2/A/V/GBLan

i found a DDR3 mobo

is this good enough?


AMD athlon64 x2 240 ( which i chose for its OC capability )


Powercolor HD 4650 512mb DDR2 128 bit


2GB pc6400 ddr2 800

i'll be using this for gaming... i'm on a tight budget so i need bang for the buck parts like the AMD athlon x2 240

if you think something's off like chipset porblem, heat issues or anything and if i should change other parts to better ones thats at this price range please tell me THANKS
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  1. If this is a fresh/new build i'd hit an entry level AM3 mobo and 2GB DDR3 : the sun has gone down on DDR2 platforms and all current/future chipsets would be on DDR3
  2. i agree, and see if you can get a newer gpu like a 5750 or a 5670
  3. fill in a stickie from the top of the thread for new build,
    we need to know budget limits etc, but a triplecore ddr3 Rig with a 5770 should be enough to bring a grin to your gaming on the cheap
  4. DONT Go With Less Than 4GB Of RAM, Even If It Mean Sacrificing A Bit On CPU, Otherwise These Guys Would Be Correct
  5. but if i go with a 2gb DDR3 rather than a 4GB DDR2 would it be enough?
  6. it would do you until you could afford another 2Gb but if you want to game online, you really do need 4Gb
  7. Well i'm not into high end online games . And are these mobos designed for overclocking? and will not have any heat issues? coz i think i'll be overclocking my CPU

    if not please recommend me one
  8. If u thinking OCing would get you better frames think again: with the added cost of an aftermarket cooler for serious clocking the wiser choice is to channel funds to move from your HD 4650 to say a HD 4670/9600GT/GT 240 which would nab u instant gains in frames. If u can somehow land a HD 4850/GTS 250 on the cheap that would be brilliant hehe
  9. ^Bump, and yes, overclocking is going to raise your temps unless you invest in some aftermarket cooling
  10. I already have a cooling fan that's why i'm asking for overclocking problems.
    Hmm... if i sacrifice the 2GB DDR3 RAM to get a better GPU, would it be alright?
  11. oh yeah... i noticed that the slot of the HD 4650 is PCI express 2.0 x16 but the slot on the mobo is only PCI express x16 is it off or is it okay ?
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    Whoops - thats actually an AM2 mobo/tech which has a HT Limitation when used with AM2+/AM3 chips and still on PCIex16 gen 1.0/1.1 Time to hit a cheap 780LE/760G/785G/770 Between less RAM and far better GPU i would hit the latter in a flash hehe
  13. I searched if you could put a PCI-e x16 2.0 card on a PCI-e x16 slot and found out that you could but it will not perform as much as it is slotted on a PCI-e x16 2.0.

    My question is how many percent will it take on it's performance ?
    e.g. 20% and will only perform on 80% of its original potential
  14. NVM
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