As a boot drive ofcourse which is best? Say with a budget of around 300.
Whats your opinion and which drive would you go with on the SSD and the "mechanical" front?
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  1. SSD will be way faster and for about $200 you can get a good 240GB one.
  2. Yeah, the SSD wins, hands down. Order of preference / reliability:

    Samsung 840 PRO / 830
    OCZ Vertex 4
    Intel 520
    Samsung 840
    Intel 335
    OCZ Agility 4
    Intel 330
  3. SSD.
    The main advantage of an SSD (especially as an OS drive) is its non-existent access times, which does not improve by RAID'ing Hard Drives. Also sequential read/writes are already faster than two RAID 0 HDD's.
    Since I'm guessing capacity isn't going to be an issue, that nulls the main disadvantage of the SSD.

    Use your cash to get a good 256GB SSD for the OS/programs/games and a single TB or 2TB hard drive for storage.
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