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Watercooling Question

Heres my question. If heat rises then could i build something that would sit on the proccesor and just have it be like a little tank of water? Like a cylinder going up full of water. Wouldn't the heat rise? and if i used copper as the contact wouldn't it transfer quite well?
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  1. Sorry NO. The heat would be conducted thru the copper into the water yes, but what happens to a pot of water on the stove - Good for making tea I hear. You have to remove the heat by running water/cooling solution across the heat source in the form of a waterblock and then remove the hot water somewhere to cool it off, (like a radiator or water cooler) so the water can be recycled back to the block to repeat the process. Unless you just want to connect it to a water source like your water hose then you can run it through the water block and into a sink or the yard. But that will probably get expensive.
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    Actually, heat doesnt rise. Hot air rises which gives us the perception that heat rises, but most thermal transfer in a computer system is conduction, not convection.

    The problem with having a large tank of water over the CPU is cooling it off, if you just have the heat going into the water the water will slowly heat up, it wont cool off nearly as quickly as the CPU will push heat into it so after an hour or two you would have a large tank of boiling water and an overheated CPU, thats why water cooling loops have radiators in them, to bring the temp of the water back down to room temperature.
  3. Well then could someone reccomend a decent water pump thats not 70+ dollars or link me to a site?
  4. If you want just the pump here is one for only $40 bucks plus shipping. Or you might like this one for only $40, (I do). If you want a factory sealed CPU unit which is a very good, quick and simple way to go (and your not planning on overclocking or overclocking much) it will run you anywhere from $80 to $120. I'll put links up to them if you like but I'm just linking what you asked for first.
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