Linksys wrt54g vs netgear wnr1000

I have a motorola modem sb6120 and router linksys wrt54g. Comcast sent me free of charge for using their router netgear wireless-N 150 WNR1000. Should I replace my linksys by their netgear? Again, no extra cost, I was just wondering if it's worth the time and maybe headache with any unpredictable "glitch" if it's just tradding 6 for half a dozen.
Thanks for any help.
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  1. I'm sure Comcast would be happier offering you support in future if you are using their hardware.

    There is the possibility that your computer already has an 802.11n wireless adapter so that it can take advantage of the Netgear's n wireless features.

    Even if you decide to revert to the Linksys, no harm in learning to set up the Netgear.
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