How to recover data from a dropped broken external hard drive

Hello Everyone,

Seems like a lot of people have the same prob. as me.

I have a Lacie external hard drive & yes, I dropped it. Now it no longer shows up on my laptop or desktop. However, when I plug it into the mains, it does make a slight vibrating sound as if it is trying to read the disc.

I've seen the thread about connecting the actual disc from the external case to the inside of the desktop. Others have quoted me up to £1000.00!! to send it away.... Frankly I think he was taking the Pi..... apologies.

Will investigate the above method, but why has it stopped showing up on any computer?

Many thank in advance for any help recieved.
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  1. Can you give a link to the exact model?
    Just some models can be broken into and you can connect the HDD to a PC internally, which will eliminate a potential power issue. But if its a proper external drive then you cant do that.
  2. First Dismandle the hard disk completely.Then check the the usb to harddisk works fine if not that is the problem>.Donot buy anything follow the steps corectly given below

    1.Dismandle The HARD DISK
    2.Seperate the Usb to computer Thing Seperatly
    3.Thats IT !!@!!!

    wORKS fINE FOR ME :ange: :ange: :ange: :ange: ;) ;) ;)
  3. The thread is necro, its a month old and the OP never posted back. Seems Pranav made an account just to respond to this thread as well.
  4. Before one month ago my hard drive is broken, i fully tensed at this difficult condition, my friend suggest me third party tool which is QuickData Hard Drive Recovery Tool by which i can recover my all data without loosing any detail, so I recommend you try this tool....its only a suggestion from my side.....:)
  5. Since you’ve got a dropped hard drive, you have two methods to go, if you still want to access the inner data.
    (1). Connect your dropped hard drive to your computer and apply a third party tool to get your data back as amitmathur writes. This way often works when your drive is logically damaged.
    If you want to give it a shot, you could read more information here:
    (2). Send this hard drive to a data recovery company or expert. The mechanically damaged drive is often irreparable. Therefore, in order to get back your data, you need some professional help.
    After the data recovery progress, you’d better to buy a new hard drive for future use.
  6. The advice below is based on just what info you have given in the question and that the USB controller sees a drive and so I’m assuming the controller is working.

    1) Turn the drive off right now. You have a spinning platter hard drive that was dropped while it was running, you most likely have had a head crash ( if the head is not “parked” when it was dropped the head will hit the surface of the spinning platter and damage the head and the surface of the disk).

    2) IF it is a head crash and I think it is, software will not fix this type of failure but if you want to follow the software path I have had very good luck with Spinrite but you will need to connect the drive internally and not on a USB adapter.

    3) You will never have those 3 years again. If it were me I would just not risk anymore damage to the drive and send it to Drive Savers You are going to pay through the nose but they should be able to get the data back.

    4) Storage is cheap, if you don’t have it saved in two places you don’t have a backup. I have four copies of all my wedding photos. DVDs are very cheap too, send copies to the in-laws every year.

    5) Hard drives fail, period.

    6) Good luck.
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    If anyone has issue with this they can PM me.
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