New build - black screen/lockup during gameplay

I recently built a system and am having an issue with Fallout 3 black screening on me and all I can do is reboot the system.

Coolermaster Elite 460W
Athlon II X3 445
M4A88T-M Asus motherboard
4GB Corsair DDR3

I have the processor overclocked to 3.5ghz. I have a couple led fans and a fan controller that came with the case in use. It seems to happen a couple times in succession then maybe an hour or two will go by and it won't happen. First night I built it I played for 4 hours straight with no issues.

I checked out power consumption and included every thing I could think of on the chart and I was expecting to pull only ~390w at peak. I checked out the power supply before I bought it and it's rated at 460w but only provides 420w within specs so I thought I was ok. I fear this may be a power supply related issue though.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,
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  1. ive read similar issues about fallout vegas in their tech forum. i would check their forums for possible solutions.
  2. that is a very over-rated power supply. its only good for about 400w, but even thats pushing it. for something cheap and good try the corsair cx430 or the antec bp550.
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