Install win xp sp 2 on new sata Seagate Hard Drive get irq error


I am trying to install a new sata seagate barracuda 500gb 7200.14 hard drive on my asus a8n sli deluxe motherboard with an amd 64 fx-ff processor.
The problem i am having is when win sp sp2 tries to install i get a blue screen with an irq less error.
Any suggestions will help thank you.
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  1. Because there is not SATA driver with winXp sp2 so that you need to go to ASUS website to download the driver under IDE " Silicon Image 3114 SATA RAID driver V1.1.9.9 for Windows XP(WHQL)/2K/2003". And store it in the USB, when you install the winXP in some point you need load this SATA driver, just watch the youtube " How to load the SATA driver during XP installation using F6 method"
  2. ^ Just as cin19 said Windows XP does not know what SATA is without the proper drivers at the install startup. If I remember correctly it will say press F6 to install SSCI drivers. SATA is done the same way.
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