6gb triple channel vs 10gb x58 mobo

I had 6GB of RAM in my ASRock x58 motherboard, and recently one of the sticks went bad. So I decided to buy a new set of 6GB to replace them. However, I'm wondering if it is better to have just the 6GB running fresh in triple channel or if its worth sacrificing the Triple Channel mode to put 10GB in, leaving one slot open. This may be a simple question but I was always taught that running 2 sticks in a triple channel motherboard would hurt performance. Thanks!
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  1. The configurations for X58 are as shown below and none of them include 5x__GB. So it's nothing that I would do. 1800 MHz+ are better suited at BCLK >160 MHz and with you 920 I assume it's 180 MHz. Next the QPI/DRAM Voltage 1.30v~1.35v.

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