Hi all,

Just a quick question.

I have 2 Seagate 1tb HDDS that are identical.

Both have Windows 7 and both were used as master drives at one point (never at the same time though).

Now, I want to connect both.

Does it matter where the SATA cable goes on the actual motherboard? And do I have to put a little plastic thingy on the pins to allocate the master drive and slave drive?

Or is it just as simple as me installing and connecting the drives physically however way I like, and then BIOS will let me choose?

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    If they are SATA you dont have to worry about master/slave settings. You can just plug both of them into the motherboard and they will work.
    If you are talking about which one will be booted off, the BIOS will let you configure that.
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  3. Thankyou deeply my friend.
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