Cooler Master Storm Scout

Hey guys,
I have the Cooler Master Storm Scout Chassis and its AWSUM!!

It doesent come with side panel fans but does have space for 2 x 120mm FANs.

I bought 2 with red LEDs and installed them. But now when I puch the batton to switch the LEDs of the chassis on/off the side pannel leds stays on.!! (I onley use my LEDs in the day. At night when i watch movies it iretates me so then i swich it of)

How can I Swich these two sidepanel fan LEDs on and off as it suites me (VIA THE BATTON ON MY CHASSIS FRON PANNEL)??

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  1. What red LED fans did you buy? Not all fans can have their LEDs switched off and to do that you would need to tie them into the fan controller in the case that provides you the LED on/off button.
  2. Oh my goodness, I just bougt normal FANs, darn! Whitch fans should I be looking for? Does the chassis have another 2 ports that goes to the frontpannel for those extra 2 x 120mm fans?? Cant seem to be able to locate them??
  3. I am looking for 120mm see through FANs with red LEDs that I can swich on and off and should also be as quiet as possable while moving a recent amount of air!,.....

    Thanx for all the help!!
  4. no fans in the market support turning leds on or off by pressing a button you just have to do a little work
    you can cut the led wires of the fan and integrate it into the stock fans molex connector which powers their leds
    long work though
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