80GB SSD or 250GB 7200rpm HDD

Hey guys so I'm working on finalizing my pc build and I just noticed that tigerdirect has an 80GB Intel SSD for around the same price my budget allows for a hard drive. My question is if I install Win7 on this thing and my aim is to use it mostly for gaming will 80GB be enough? I plan to only have 1 or 2 games installed at once and I'll probably store my personal files documents etc on an external HDD.

Would the 80GB be enough for now? And if so will I be able to add a second SSD or HDD later possibly in RAID on this board

Thanks in advance!

P.S. the drives i'm considering at here


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  1. windows 7 takes about 40 gb so as long as both of your games arent 40 gigs go for the ssd
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