Is a 60gb ssd enough?

Hey, I'm building a gaming pc for a friend who is on a very tight budget and wants to use it for light gaming.

I wanted to put an ssd in his system, but as they are so expensive, can only afford a 60gb model based on his budget.

Is 60gb enough for:
Windows 7 home edition
Left for Dead 2

According to the storage specifications it seems it would be but I just wondered if anyone has a system with these on it to tell me the exact amount of storage they take up. Also he wants to install lots of mods for both games - I have no idea how much space these mods take up so again if anyone could give me a rough estimate of storage.

ps: obviously I will advise him to get another 60gb ssd when he can afford it to give him more breathing room, can 60gb do him for several months?
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    win 7 30 gb
    minecraft barely any
    left for dead around 10 gb
  2. you should be good
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  4. I thought it would be, thanks for clarifying and for the quick response :D
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