Best graphics for i7, for <1k

Hey all, Im building a new gaming machine ( )
Right now it looks like the best performance without going overboard (over $1k) is 2x GTX460

What do you all think? 2x GTX460, 1x 5970, 1x 480, ???? Let me know what you think!

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  1. 2x GTX460's will easily outperform a single GTX480, but later when you want to upgrade you will be stuck with both of your gtx 460's and be forced to throw them both out in order to do the upgrade, while if you buy a gtx480 then later when you want to upgrade you can buy another gtx 480.
  2. do you plan on doing an upgrade in the near future?
  3. What is the PSU from your "old" build that you plan on using. If its not good enough for a future upgrade of dual 480's SLI then the 2x 460s would be great.
  4. What are you gaming with right now ?
  5. I've been using an 8800GTX, or is it 8800GT, been a long time since I've been at my computer, ordering all of the new parts to build in a month or so.

    My previous PSU is a Real Pro Power 1000w.
    I would plan to not have to upgrade anytime soon.
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    your power supply is more than enough and since you don't plan on upgrading anytime soon, then the gtx 460's in sli is your best choice since it even outperforms the 5970 in some games and it have a better minimum fps as well.
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  8. Alright, thanks for all of the feedback.
    One last question.
    Which 460s, and Is the ud5 a good mobo to stick them in? I'd like to have my soundcard in use too. Is that going to be possible? (basically whats the best mobo for dual 460s (if Evga are the best 460s, should i go with a FTW3 or something?)
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