Any 5.25" mountable bay with the HDD LED

My Lian Li PC-B25 casing lacks a HDD LED so I do not know its activity. Are there any 5.25" mountable bay with the HDD LED? Preferable the bay could be use to monitor multiple HDD.
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  1. Whats your Mobo? should be a pin on the front panel header for a hdd light,
    I found as a software based tool you may like if not up to doing the wiring :)
    Egay threw this up as an answer
    you'll just need to find out which pin it goes on on your Mobo is all
  2. Icy Dock has several in stock at Newegg:
    (search for "LED")

    ("HDD Access LED Display")

    Also, this Icy Dock 4-in-1 "Backplane RAID Cage" has 4 individual HDD LEDs:

    Note however that the HDDs must be SAS or SATA 2.5" not 3.5".

    But, if you want to install your HDDs in the drive cages that
    come with your Lian Li, you'll need a Status Display panel
    like the one cited above:

  3. Thanks guys. i found out that my PC-B25 casing does have an HDD LED, which is build in the Reset button.
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