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Im having the most random issue ive ever encountered, im not even really sure where to start, I recently Reformated my computer because of it but it keeps coming back, alright let me explain.

When i first enter battlefield bad company 2 my screen stutters for like 4-5 seconds and on my performance monitor on my keyboard my cpu just drops from like 30% ect. down to 14-15% then all of a sudden its back up and everything is working fine without any problems. This happens everytimei first enter a bfbc2 game.

Now when im playing SCII i could be playing for like an hour+ maybe even longer my screen will just completely freeze and non responsive for like 5+ seconds or so and then come back like nothing was wrong. (This seems to be completely random)

Also if im playing a video on VLC, Windows Media Player ect. usually around half way through a show it will freeze and the sound will be chopped up and the vid will be like a slideshow ect. for like 5+ seconds and then come back like nothing is wrong (This happens everytime)

The system has never actually hard froze from all of this and seems to come back but it seems random on SCII but everytime it happens on the media players and first entering bc2, when i first reformated i installed nothing but bad company 2 and sc2 and didnt run into the issue. Then i installed Quicktime + itunes and right after it started happening. The 2nd time i reformated i tried out bc2 with no stutter everytime and seemed like it was fine again but i played a movie in Windows Media player and half way through it did the same thing, launched bc2 and bam the stuttering was back as well.

Im not sure what it could be at all and any feedback would be greatly appreciated, this is just so random..


Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07Ghz
6GB Corsair Dominator Memory
64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate
EVGA x58 classified motherboard
ATI Radeon 5870 Video card
Creative Xfi Titanium Fatality Champion Series Soundcard
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  1. Try reapplying Thermal paste to cpu. see if that works.
  2. I tried out another gfx card and still giving the same issues except the initial stutter of bfbc2 so i guess that was a driver issues. If i needed to redo the compound wouldnt i be experiencing the same issues on Metro 2033, Mafia II, ME2/Dragon Age ect. ?

    It seems to only happen on Youtube, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player and SC II which is the strangest thing, not to mention its always around half way through a show im watching on vlc when it decides to do it. Starcraft II is just completely random and may not even be part of the same problem im not even sure. I have that V8 Cooler so getting it off the motherboard is gonna be some serious pain to redo the compound. But if you think thats what would fix this random issues i'll give it a shot.
  3. I am having the same issues, I have a V8 cooler and my cpu temps are fine at 95F idle. I don't think the thermal paste is the issue really. Maybe check out my post and see how many similarities there are.
  4. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but i also have this random error in Event Viewer:

    Performance power management features on processor 1 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.
  5. I went ahead and redid the cpu with new thermal and was watching youtube videos ect. it was working fine for a while then it randomly showed a windows loading type icon on my mouse pointer, Sound/Video stopped but i could still talk on Ventrilo with a buddy at the same time.

    When in Starcraft 2 i think its experiencing the same kind of issue (not sure about the mouse pointer) because the game freezes completely, sometimes sound stutters a bit but Ventrilo in the background is working completely fine and the game feels like it just refreshes itself (3-5) seconds later and starts working fine again with no issues. It happens at the most oddball times and i cant figure out what could be causing it, the only thing in event manager

    Im not sure if this was the exact time but under event manager the only thing shown was

    The Windows Error Reporting Service service entered the stopped state.

    and i cant figure out anything else. Im thinking about reformating for the 5th time but im pretty sure its not gonna fix it, it almost sounds like another app in the background doing something or a driver conflicting randomly because it doesnt happen often just at completley random times.
  6. My issue with the glitching was resolved when i discovered my DVD burner to no longer be working. After unplugging the burner my stutter and lagging issue with media went away and my computer is back to its normal pep.
  7. Finally got it figured out a bit ago, just wanted to give a heads up, it was my hard drive, guess it was going out on me even tho i ran all those utility scans and stuff, replaced it and all is well now.
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