Big performance problem with ati radeon hd pls.

Some months ago i changed my old geforce 8800gt to hd 4670 cuz gt did die. After that i been having performance issues with almost any game. Its occurs differently depending what game im playing. in lord of the rings online im running full fps then suddenly its drops like 30 or 40fps down when im running with my character and new part of world renders and i get 1 second freeze/lag spike on u want call it :D freeze or lag. very annyoing indeed. no problems with 8800gt before. then in left 4 dead it can go 2 hours row wihout any freeze/lag but then suddenly when theres lot of stuff happenin, like shooting and much of fire burning around and my screen freeze completely. then i start get those annyoing 1 sec lag spikes randomly no matter what situation is...funny part is that sometimes freezes go off and i can play perfectly again...then sometimes they come back! just omfg :D Im pretty sure its hd 4670 fault somehow since my system memory never go 100% usage, not even near. my cpu sometimes go 100% but thats kinda normal. tho i have spotted that hd 4670 makes my cpu running much higher cpu usage than with 8800gt so could be combinated issue. i had no single problem with 8800gt with left 4 dead game either....i even did run it better graphic settings back then and hd 4670 should at least do same lol. Hhd 4670 takes power from PCI slot and not from PSU...has it some effect to cpu or hard drive or any? I have fear it could be bottleneck effect but shouldnt my cpu amd 64x 2 5000+ 2,60ghz be fine running hd 4670? I have already bought better PSU...had no effect. I have buy more fans for cooling. Had no effect...I did test play in Very cold i eliminated all overheating problems...i did use driver cleaner and driver sweeper to remove old gt 8800 nvidia displa and psyhx effect :S I did even try remove nvdia chipset drivers but then i lost inter connection i did need em back up.. I have defrag my hard drive disk and run all possibly virus scans and registery cleaners. I have turn my ati high definiton audio off too since i have heard it can make problems with hd 4670 in pretty old hp computers. Could i even delete ati high definiton audio completely wihout damagin the graphic card? I really hope my hd4670 isint just bad copy and have some birth error :S Sry my bad english skills if u hard time reading this not nationally english speaker hehe :) I would really be thankfull if somebody could finally solve this problem for me :D

My computer specs :

-amd athlon 64x2 5000+ 2,60 ghz
-ati radeon hd 4670
-3gb ram
-corsair 400w psu
-windows vista 32-bit
-realtek audio
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  1. You need your Nvndia nforce drivers for your motherboard, ha, don't get rid of them.

    When you ran driver cleaner you should remove all your graphics drivers and start from scractch, make sure you do it in safe mode. After that download and install the latest ATI/AMD drivers.

    What resolution are you playing these games at?

    Also the 8800GT is a better card then 4670, which is probably why you are seeing problems, becuase you are trying to run everything at 8800GT settings.
  2. well funny thing is that graphic settings dont matter :D i get same 1 sec lags even with lowest possible settings what are terrbile ugly haha :D it just occurs bit lord of the rings online i get better fps generally with lower setting but difference is so small i dont care about it..what i care are those 1 sec stutter lag freezes when world renders lol. They so annyoing when they kill perfect fps suddenly. i have try all possible graphic settings combinations :D then in left 4 dead i get those 1 sec lag spikes even with lowest settings but not so much those 10 sec freezes i think...or maybe i do hah. i have deleted all nvidia display drivers wit hdriver sweeper and then installed ati again. but not in safe-mode...does it make any difference for real? when i use driver sweeper it wont find any nvidia display drivers anymore so it cant be friver problem anymore :D
  3. You should remove BOTH the Nvidia and ATI ones and start over, make sure you get the latest drivers from AMD/ATI.

    And yes when you go to remove make sure you do it in safe mode to get rid of all traces of it.
  4. ok i will try safe mode but i doubt it will help since i already did this in normal mode and driver sweeper cant find any nvidia diplay drviers :D but im desperated and i will try haha
  5. Quote:
    ok i will try safe mode but i doubt it will help since i already did this in normal mode and driver sweeper cant find any nvidia diplay drviers :D but im desperated and i will try haha

    Don't just get rid of the Nvidia ones, get rid of the ATI ones also and download the newest ATI/AMD drivers, see if they help.
  6. have ati and amd some differend drivers? arent they same? i uaully download that ati catalyst control center pack 10.6 what should be newest from amd ati page
  7. hello again...i have now removed all driver files but when i seached nvidia files manually from computer i found following folders with lots of files inside em... folder called Nvidia_G8x_SabreSikor_Graphics have very many files and when i press them driver sweeper finds them again...they somehow auto installs when pressed. looks like sweeper delete drivers but they are still there ready to be installed again...all files...should i delete whole folder? other folder is called Nvidia_Serial_ATA. What it is it? is it chipset thing? or delete? pls quik answer if u can.
  8. what is your motherboard?
  9. fssss....i did try delete all those files and still hd 4670 suckign like hell after reinstall...guess my pc jsut wont like ati and i need buy nvidia 9800 gt :S this hd 4670 gotta be biggest msytery ever...
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