How to keep motherboard cool?

My entire system gets extremely warm even though I have 3 case fans. Any suggestions on how to lower the mobo temp? Is it more beneficial to have at least one case fan pushing cooler air into the case? Thoughts?
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  1. What case do you have? How is your airflow setup? What makes you think the motherboard is getting hot? Normally a motherboard doesnt need a ton of airflow, it just needs some movement to stay cool enough. If you are using cheapo fans upgrading to a couple higher CFM ones might reduce the temp of your system and keep everything cooler
  2. I added a better cooler for the cpu which pushes air to the outgoing case fan. This dropped overall system temp by 10deg Celcius.
  3. I always prefer having more intake fans than exhaust fans because I have dust filters on the intake fans. Having more intake fans gives me positive pressure in the case so no dust can sneek in any other openings in the case, all intake air gets filtered.
  4. That's a great idea. My problem is that I have 1 intake; 2 outs. If i change one to another in, I only have one fan pulling heat out which I am afraid will not cool my gpu. Thoughts?
  5. can you give us a littl emore info, what kind of case and what size fans? also is it just your cpu running hot? or whoel case including graphics card
  6. i know this is an hold post but i have a coolmaster HAF case dont know the specific model i honestly dont know out of my 4 fans what is and is not intake and out my motherboard is running at 90-100C im using a program SiSoftware Sandra and its telling me that my mohterboard is too hot and had big warning saying that i need to lower the temp some how can any one help o and my cpu fan runs at 1534 rpms if that helps
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