Reliable economy flash drive?

Upgraded my laptop to my first SSD (well waiting for it, ordered it a couple days ago) and taking a large hit in storage.

That being said, I ordered an enclosure for the HDD I'm replacing, but I don't want to bring that around with me anywhere, will keep it for home usage.

What's a good 16-32gb flash drive(reliable/somewhat fast) that won't break the bank? Basically looking for usb 3.0 and something fast enough for a ps2 emulator/games or possibly something like Dragon's Nest or FFXI. I was looking around on newegg/amazon and the 1 egg/star reviews always scare me off lol
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  1. I have a number of the Patriot Supersonic Boost XT USB 3.0 16 and 32Gb and they have done well under hard use, including several going through the wash. The rubber case protects them well and when on sale they are quite cheap. Newegg had the 32Gb on a great sale but is sold out now.
  2. Hmm considering it, but between amazon and newegg, many scary comments.

    Any opinions on Team x101? They have this one on sale today. Mostly good ratings, but only 20 people reviewed it and can't find any other reviews elsewhere
  3. That is probably a very good product, as are most USB drives unless they have a bad case or something like that.
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