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Best PCI Slot Fan for GTX 470...

Hi all,
I got a Galaxy GTX 470 GC running properly in my Silverstone GD05 case. However, temps might be a bit high for me, I guess.

Idle: 44 degree celcius
Playing crysis (all very high, 4 x AA): 84 degree celcius

I haven't tried any benchmark which could stress the GPU completely and I also haven't overclocked the card yet.

So I'm looking for a PCI slot cooling solution which could possibly cool the card down by 5-10 degree celcius.

Any suggestion? :wahoo:

Oh, and you may want to have a look on the card:
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    84C while playing Crysis @ Very High is doing pretty darn well for a GTX 470. The customized cooler on your GPU is already doing a fairly decent job all things considered.

    Running 3d Benchmarks like Furmark or Heaven push my GTX 470 to 94/95C.
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  3. Thanks for your advice.

    However, I guess my question was asking about good pci fan for VGA cards which could be quite common sense, so I created another topic in the "graphic cards" section.
    Please have a look if you would like to keep contributing ideas.
    Thanks. :D
  4. Sorry to butt in on the thread, but I have a couple of questions about the case. Are you using an optical drive? If so, what sort of cooler did you use on the cpu?

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