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Hi, I have one laptop HDD who haves a huge problem! when i turn on laptop Screen shows splash picture and then shows boot menu Safe mode and other modes it is usual but after chosing any of them shows up blue screen and than bam laptop turns off some beeps and all over again!

Who could it be VIRUS? ERROR?
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  1. Could be a number of things, but the easiest to rule out first is a virus or trojan infection (like shutdowner). Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 -- it's free -- and burn it to a CD, startup from the CD, then let Kaspersky update its definitions and then run a full scan. If it is clean, then it is unlikely that, otherwise it will find and quarantine the problem. Get it from here:
  2. ok but you see the problem is my laptop can't hold long he just shutdown after 1-4min with this HDD
  3. But have you tried starting it up from a CD instead of the HDD -- that is how you repair a trojan like shutdowner or diagnose a bad HDD. If the HDD is dead it should still start from the CD.
  4. ok i will try it now i'm trying to fix it
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