Core i7's memory controller

I read somewhere that the on-die memory controller on the Core i7 maxes out at 1033 or 1066 MHz, and that using faster memory does not have any performance effect because of this.

Is this actually true?
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  1. It is true except for the Extreme Editions.

    Faster memory does not offer any real world advantage across a multitude of applications. Even Triple Channel offers no real advantage over Dual Channel. If you check out the tests you will see that at high resolutions the i7 965 that supports over 1066 MHZ offers no advantage in Frames with faster RAM. In short for many reasons it is simply a waste of money buying 1600 MHZ RAM etc.
  2. Not true at all. My I7-920 has no problem what so ever using ddr3 1600 to it's fullest potential. I can't see how a game is going to make a difference with system memory bandwidth. It does make a difference. For example, Folding@Home, while folding a -bigadv wu, the difference between 1066 and 1600 is like night and day, witth a difference in time per frames that will result in a higher point return.
  3. Off topic, sorry. You get that name from the Brian Lumley books? Pretty obscure books.
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