Computer loads BIOS Screen and freezes/powers off

I'm helping a friend fix a problem with his custom PC. It was working fine yesterday, and today he tried booting it up and it froze on the BIOS screen and was unresponsive (keyboard wasn't even getting power). We tried everything; took out the battery, unplugged the power/data cords to everything, took out all the USB and PCI/PCI-E devices, took out the CPU, tried the CMOS clear button, etc. Then it booted up to the BIOS screen and shut down after ~10 seconds. We're trying to figure out what part(s) are causing the issue.

Related Note: He did say that when he was installing his CPU, one pin bent, but he put it back into place and it worked. We checked and no pins were bent/broken.

He bought CPU and Mobo insurance at Microcenter, so he can get it replaced. We're just trying to figure out the problem at this point.

Specs (to the best of my knowledge):
Gigabyte UD-series X58 Motherboard
Intel i7-930 CPU
OCZ 650W (I think) PSU
3x2GB Kingston HyperX RAM
A few HDD and a SSD boot disc

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. We managed to solve the problem! It wasn't booting up because it was missing a bootmgr file or something, and we repaired the installation. Still don't know why it was affecting the BIOS.
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