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Ok so I've read threads on this question on here and other places but I can't seem to find my answer

I'm thinking of adding a SSD to my computer in addition to my 1TB HDD, but my HDD has my Windows 7 on it. Now I've heard of cloning, copying, clean-install, re-install, etc., but I want to know what is the best way to do this. Ideally I want to do a clean install of Windows on my SSD and delete windows from HDD but me thinking, that would mean I have to buy a new Windows 7 because I thought that once you install it on one drive then it's sort of "branded" on there and you can't use it again.
I've heard of cloning or copying the HDD to SSD but I've always heard that's not as efficient or as good as doing a clean install. Basically what I want to know is can I do a clean install of Windows 7 on a new SSD with the previous copy of Windows I had that was installed on my HDD and then erase the Windows from HDD or is there an efficient way to move it from one to the other. What are my options?
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    Not true -- you can do a fresh Windows 7 install to an SSD using the same key on that machine. I recommend that you disconnect the HDD, attach the SSD, enable AHCI in your bios for the sata mode if it is not already on, then install Windows 7 onto the SSD. After the re-install you can re-attach the HDD and once you are happy that all is running well you can delete the Windows folder off the HDD.

    Also, once the SSD is up and running, optimize it using a good guide like this one:
  2. Much appreciated. I plan on getting a SSD for Christmas. This question was really bothering me though and couldn't get a clear answer
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