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I would like to connect a monitor to my laptop, but i want to know if the monitor will produce true high defintion quality.

The laptop I own (packard bell easynote bg46) has a VGA(analog) output only. The monitor (http://www.philips.co.za/c/pc-monitor/24-inch-w-e-line-1920x1080-full-hd-244e1sb_97/prd/?t=specifications) has VGA,HDMI,DVI inputs.

The onboard graphics chip in the laptop is capable of producing 1920x1080 resolution. What I want to know is whether the monitor will properly show HD content if its connected via the VGA input, as this is the only option i have with the laptop. I would like to know if it will look the same as what it would if i were to connect it to my pc that has a radeon 5870 gpu, or if true HD quality will be lost due to the VGA connection.

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  1. vga will do a good job at the native resolutioin of the monitor. im not sure if video will be perfect HD, but it'll be damn close.
    obviously vga is not digital so no audio, meaning no enjoyment out of a true hd audio setup, just stereo.
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