Will this build be good enough to run games on 1920x1080 max settings?

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  1. No.

    Get either an AMD 1055T or I7-760 for 35$ more.

    If AMD, get the Asrock 870 Extreme 3 motherboard. If Intel, get the Ga-P55a-ud3.

    Swap videocard for the MSI GTX 470 to save 20$ and get better performance.

    Ram is crappy, get the G.skil eco series 1600 speed for 102$.
  2. I'd disagree. I'm running a similar setup with a 965 and a 5870, and I run ultra details in WoW & SC2 at 1920x1200 resolution. (I'm guessing the difference between 5850 & 5870 is offset by 1920x1080 vs. 1920x1200...or my setup might be on the losing end of that battle.)

    In WoW, I get 60+ fps pretty much everywhere except Dalaran and raids. Dalaran is usually around 30-35 fps at primetime, and raiding varies. 50-60 fps in 10s on certain fights, 40ish fps on really taxing fights in 10s. 25s are usually a little lower, but I don't raid 25 a whole lot, so I don't have a lot of data.

    SC2, I'll admit that I haven't measured my fps, but I haven't noticed anything truly laggy.

    Don't play any of the other games, so I can't comment on them specifically.

    The 1055T might be better for overclocking, but that's always a gamble.

    The Asus Crosshair III appears to be out of stock at newegg. Were you planning on ordering from somewhere else? If you plan on CrossFire in the future, the Gigabyte UD5 has about all the features you can ask for in an AM3 mobo at $180. If no CrossFire, the Asrock 870 sp12 mentioned is the cheapest fully-featured 870 board. There's also an Asus mobo for $5 more.
  3. thanks for the input guys

    @ coldsleep ive already got my crosshair iii formula and i love it:)!!!
    but what u said made me a happy camper cause i probably will be going with this setup and with what you said chances are ill like my results in games as far as graphic details go
  4. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/164?vs=160

    I am not surprised by good wow/Sc2 performance. Wow is not GPU intensive at all really, and loves AMD CPUs. SC2 isn't really either unless you get into AA.


    Ram remains crappy as it's 1.65 volts.

    Also, 1055t is a better overclocker. High-K metal gate, strained silicon, E0 vs. C3 steppings. Granted, no OC is garaunteed but the 1055t has a lot going for it over the 9XX series.
  5. Hey i have that ram and it works just fine Just what about it is crappy?

    dude i think tbh its a little overkill for those games but hey overkill is good :)
  6. 1.65 voltage ram puts a lot of stress on Nahalem's IMC. There's been a few cases of fried iX chips at just 1.7 volts.

    It's worse for overclocking and takes up more power (albeit minimal), but the biggest concern is that it's bad for Intel builds (either now or if you want to reuse it).
  7. well i dont use intel Ever so it should be fine
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