Air cooling solution fo GTX 480

I have a GTX 480 card on an Big Bang-XPower (will have as soon as components arrive). I have now decided to get another GTX 480 for a GTX 480 SLI configuration (Both MSI GeForce GTX480 1536MB DDR5 (PCI-E)).

Air-cooling is the only option acceptable to me. I have ordered an Cooler Master HAF-X.

What I would like to know is if there are any replacement fan radiators to replace the one that comes with the 480, if so what would be the best (3x fan radiator would be my preference - running at lowest possible RPM's). Note that the Mobo runs x16 x16 SLi in slots 1 and 4, so space will not be an issue.

Thanks for your attention.
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  1. Ran across this video. It shows the zotac amp gtx 480 with its triple slot cooler, then shows a aftermarket add-on. Is it to late to return your brand new cards and get a factory triple cooler card ?
  2. EDIT - Nvm I saw his motherboard should have enough slots.
  3. ^+1 get the after market cooler, you could also buy a fan to blow directly on your graphics cards, it will make the gpu fans get more air,and so they can cool better and more quiet since the fans doesn't need to spin as fast to blow the amount of air thats needed.
  4. @notty22 - As for the Zotac solution that is sort of what I'm looking for, but I find Zotac's designs and build quality to be generally very poor (see their new 460 1GB). I prefer MSI - surely there must be a fan kit, like Zotac use, that is sold separately?

    @combatpro - The HAF-X has a fan that will blow wind directly on the cards (220mm I think) and an option for another 140 or 120 mm fan to blow also on cards. Since they will be in PCIe 1 and 4 - MSI 16x 16x SLI solution - they won't heat each other too much.
    An after-market cooler is what I'm looking for, to replace the original. I have already done this to an Nvidia 9800GTX, using an Arctic Cooler (can't remember the model but it had 2 fans). My question is, are there any compatible after-market air coolers for the GTX 480? I know there is a liquid-cooling solution but that is unacceptable to me (to messy, to much hassle, always going to have condensation problems...).

    Thanks for the answers.

    P.S. @Helltech - Don't understand what you are referring to, but this may be it:
    - 6 PCIe Slots
    - SLI in 16x 16x is obtained with one card on slot nº1 and the second card on slot nº4.

    Think that was what you where referring to...
  5. Sorry, I forgot something:

    @Notty22 - The Zotac GeForce GTX480 AMP Edition 1536MB GDDR5 (PCI-E) (ZT-40102-10P) you mentioned are ~200$ more expensive then the regular 480 GTX (that would be ~400$ for two of them). Besides, I haven't been able to see them in stock anywhere.
    MSI sent me an Email to an online store that actually had what I wanted in stock...(5 working days delivery by normal mail or 3 by UPS).
    Being in Portugal, at the moment, I find it very hard to actually buy what I want so MSI's timely help was a great demonstration of an efficient and active customer support center :) And 400$ for a couple of fans is definitely out of the question, even more so since I think I could do a better job then ZOTAC...
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