PS3 cell vs Intel Core 2 Duo

No fan boys please.

For purely gaming purposes which processor wins?

PS3 cell or Intel Core 2 Duo?
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  1. i think ps3 man
  2. Any technical data to back that up "man"? :-)
  3. Let me give you a slight example - lets say we're playing PES 2011 (multi-platform soccer game made by Konami) on a PS3 and a Core 2 Duo laptop with an Nvidia GT 130M graphic card - which would you expect to perform better?
  4. Isn't PS3's graphic card based on a 7 series Nvidia? so a 130m 1 gig dedicated isn't a very good graphic card at all? I'd like to know which runs games better i agree that its the PS3 but i need more opinion/proof.
  5. It depends. For instance, for the PS3, while it has a weaker GPU, most of the programming is done at a much lower level (Assembly + low level machine API's) then you would see on a PC platform, hence why consoles in general can run the same games depsite have weaker all around hardware. Likewise, consoles have much less running in the background.

    As such, its apples to oranges. From a pure processing power standpoint, the Cell would win, and win big. But that assumes it is used to capacity, which itself is hard to do.
  6. So a PS3 would be better for gaming than an HP pavilion core 2 duo with a Nvidia 130m gt 1 gig dedicated?
  7. They are both very different.but if paired in similar configurations the cell would win in multi threaded applications.but in gaming the main component in recent years has become the graphics card which is also the limiting factor on the mentioned its apples to oranges.just to say the cell would actually beat an i7980x in rendering.simulation and mathimatical applications
  8. So which has the better graphic card?
  9. they are bout the same but the ps3 will have its games better optimised for the system,so in gaming the ps3 wins
  10. This is one of those annoying "which is better" that you cant really compare.

    ps3= gaming on my 54" big screen with wireless controllers

    thats not something I'm going to do on a laptop.

    then again I'm usually not going to drag a 54" tv and ps3 to my friends basement to game either.. like I would my laptop.

    This is kinda like saying which is better a BMW motorcycle or a 747 jumbo jet...

    both have their places .. and dont replace or directly compare to each other.. and both are transportation.''

    also the laptop has a wide range of other uses that I wouldnt attempt on a ps3.. like email.. or reading tomshardware :P
  11. thanks all - i see nobody is of the opinion that the laptop would be better for gaming and i agree 100% with that.
  12. Hi I just want to let all of you know that the Cell processor in the PS3 is better than a normal CPU. In a sense it is an 8 core 3.2GHz processor although only 6 of the SPE's are used by games and 1 by the OS. The Xbox 360 runs a 3.2 GHz 3 core Xenon processor. The issue is that Cell processors are hard to use because the software has to be programmed correctly in order to use all of the SPE's. Most games especially ones made for both consoles only use the PS3's main 3.2 GHz single core processor, but games like Uncharted 2 take advantage of the SPE's. Naughty Dog couldn't even reach the full power of the PS3 processor if they tried buy they did manage to take advantage of SOME of its power. Also the Cell processor can be used as a graphics unit so the PS3 doesn't need a very powerful GPU. IBM and Sony invested 400 million dollars to develop the Cell processor. Think of it like this, if one person is trying to build a house it will take a long time, but if one person is telling 8 others how to build the house it will be built much faster. So in a sense the Cell processor in the PS3 is faster than a normal CPU although it can't be used in a normal computer very easily because everything would have to be reprogrammed.
  13. david_77 said:
    So a PS3 would be better for gaming than an HP pavilion core 2 duo with a Nvidia 130m gt 1 gig dedicated?

    absolutely yes the ps3 is better for gaming, because the nvidia 130m is no use for gaming, it is a VERY slow GPU. There is nothing wrong with a core 2 duo though.
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