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Hey guys. Looking for a decent gaming mouse ($50 or under) and a gamepad to go with my new computer build.

The gamepad will be for fighting games and sports (ie. SSF4, soccer games). The mouse will be for RTS and FPS mostly I guess. Nothing too fancy, it doesn't have to have 10 programmable buttons.

These are in stock in my area and I'm considering them. What do you guys think?


Logitech Dual Action Gamepad - $24


Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse - $50

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 - $50

Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse - $45

P.S. Does a good mousepad make a big difference? If so, could someone suggest one for $20 or under?


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  1. I like the gamepad. I have the wireless version and does great from me when I play Assasins Creed I & II.

    I would go with the Razer mouse over the other two. It is the better mouse... IMO

    A gaming pad will help with the responsivness of your mouse but a standard good mouse pad will get the job done. I don't see major need to purchase one.
  2. Mouse-Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi 3.5G Infrared Sensor Gaming Mouse
    I use one of these daily and i luv it wish i paid that price though
    I would love to try the Sentinel i've heard nothing but good things.
    Coolermaster Sentinel Advance Twin Laser Gaming Mouse 8 Buttons 5600DPI USB with Adjustable Lighting

    Yes a decent mouse pad is a good idea and saves the feet too.
    Start with one of these SteelSeries QcK (12.6" x 11.2") Medium-Sized Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad- a good size and quality for the price/i'm using one now
  3. Even if it is Free do not fall for the Logitech G5 or its ugly stepsister the G500.

  4. -DF said:
    Even if it is Free do not fall for the Logitech G5 or its ugly stepsister the G500.


    +1 I purchased one and it died within days!!! G500 is trash. Deathadder baby.
  5. I agree with Davcon. I've been using the Razer Deathadder for months and it is great. Responsiveness, build quality, drivers... all good... plus the blue pulsating led is a nice touch. Amazon also has it for $50, and I don't think there's any tax.

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