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Alright guys I have a problem my Display is not booting up on my main graphics card *9600gt*. I use an 720p HDTV that I have my HDMI to DVI connector connected to my 9600gt graphics. Its worked for over a year that way and last night I hardbooted my PC down because it was late and im a bit sick and didnt feel like going through the process of shutting down. So I wake up today try to boot up like normal and then I notice my TV does not pick up the HDMI autosource.

I unplug everything on the system and reboot it back up again with just the power cable / hdmi cable. No dice, then I unplug all of that and dive into the case and make sure nothing is unplugged or un rattled and I push down on the gfx card to make sure its seated, I leave the case open and plug in the power cable I see everything boots the video card fan everything. I then go upstairs to grab my parents dell wide-screen monitor and I hook it up to my onboard everything loads up and im in windows fine. I check my bios settings and its set on primary video adapter PCI-E. And in device manager there is no 9600gt and its just installing my onboard video.

Now maybe im thinking is my HDMI to DVI adapter has went awry, so im going to get a new one sometime today and see If that solves it because the TV works fine. My 360/ps3/tv all work as expected just my HDMI source is not working.

So if you guys have anymore ideas or tips Im definitely open to them all.

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    From your case i guess your 9600GT is going bad/broke...
    But, just to make sure, try that card in different PC, see if that works or not...
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